Sets the Notes for a Clock-out time within a User Clock-in



The ID of the User Clock-in which includes the Clock-out time being modified


A JSON array with 3 objects:

  • "content" - A string with the new notes to be saved to the Clock-out time

  • "noteTime" - The time and date when the new notes were saved, as an epoch time format with milliseconds (e.g 1688489607000, being around 4:53pm on 04-07-2023)

  • "createdBy" - The ID of the User who modified the notes of the Clock-out


              "content":"Left early due to \nSickness",


On Success


On Failure

If the "id" parameter is missing or has a value less than 1

{"error":"missing or invalid parameter: id"}

If the "id" parameter does not fit with any existing User Clock-in IDs

{"error":"clockin does not exist"}

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