Creates a new User Clock-in



The ID of the user creating the Clock-in


The date of the Clock-in, formatted as Y-M-D (e.g 2023-06-27)


The time of day the user is expected to clock into work This is in an epoch time format (e.g 1687856400, meaning 10:00am on 27th June 2023)


The time of day the user is expected to clock out of work This is also in an epoch time format (e.g 1687883400, meaning 17:30pm on 27th June 2023)




On Success


"id" value will vary

On Failure

If "user_id" is not given a value, or has a value less than 1:

{"error":"missing or invalid parameter: user_id"}

If the "date" parameter is not given a date, or it is not in the correct format:

{"error":"missing or invalid parameter: date"}

If both the "clockin" and "clockout" parameters are not given values:

{"error":"missing or invalid parameter: clockin or clockout"}

If a User Clock-in creation is attempted for a user who already has another Clockin scheduled for the same date:

{"error":"an entry already exists for that user on that date"}

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