Sets the contents for types of Schedules in a Recurring Job (Job Types, Stock, SoR)



The ID of the Recurring Job


A JSON-encoded string with various contents set for the Recurring Job


An optional parameter which if set, skips the process of creating new jobs to adapt to changes in the Recurrence settings, which can be time-consuming.


In this example, Job Types has 2 entries and Schedule of Rates has 1, skip-run is not set. Job Types for the 3rd and 6th instances of the Recurrence and Schedule of Rates for the 2nd instance.

"jobtype_items" => A table of entries with both the recurrence number it is scheduled for and the Job Type id (e.g "6":"93775"). "stock_items" and "sor_items" => A table of arrays indexed by their recurrence numbers, each with 3 variables:

  • "num" => the amount

  • "id" => the ID of the Stock Type/Schedule of Rates

  • "price" => the price per item

Recurrence numbers always have a minimum value of 2.


This example includes 1 schedule of Stock for the 4th recurrence the job is scheduled for and 1 Schedule of Rates for the 3rd recurrence the job is scheduled for.



On Success


On Failure

If the "id" parameter is not set or has a value less than 1:

{"error":"missing or invalid parameter: id"}

If the "val" parameter is not set:

{"error":"missing or invalid parameter: val"}

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